Simone Clark's Daring Faith Story

It has always been my dream to be a substance abuse counselor and that dream came true on November 3, 2014, when I began my first job as a substance abuse counselor at a women’s correctional institution. Whenever I was asked, “how’s work?” my response was always, “It’s the best job ever!”

And I meant it. A couple weeks later God told me that I would only be in this position for two years. At that moment, I was obedient and accepted what He said.  But as time passed and after getting to know my clients, hearing their stories and being able to watch them as they transitioned to a life of sobriety, I found myself telling God, “No, I don’t want to leave, this is it for me.”

However, in August of 2016, just three months before my two-year mark, what I thought was the best job ever turned out to be my worst nightmare.I wasn’t getting along with my co-workers and it seemed as if everyone had turned against me and I could not figure out what to do. I was working to live instead of living to work and it was draining.

One Sunday morning during his sermon I felt like Pastor Troy was speaking directly to me when he said, “Maybe God is allowing you to be uncomfortable where you are because you have served your purpose in this season.”  That’s when it finally hit me that I was close to my two-year mark on the job. I enjoyed serving the prison population and it was difficult for me to accept that it was time to move on. I began applying for jobs in the field but I wasn’t getting any response, until one day I received a call from a company I did not apply for. I had my first interview over the phone and was scheduled for my second interview in October of 2016 during the Daring Faith Campaign.

During the interview, I was asked what my salary expectation was, and this is usually where I struggle. This is the portion of the interview when I would normally undervalue myself and my giftings, and I would I ask for as little as possible so that I could get the job.

Yet this time was different. As I negotiated my salary and position, I decided to operate in Daring Faith. I asked for more than a person with only two years of experience in my field is usually given.

Not only was I offered the position; the salary that was offered to me was more than I had requested. After only working for this company for less than three months I received a promotion. Through Daring Faith I learned that God often impositions us because he is preparing us and positioning us to reveal His glory. 

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