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God Provides

On November 13, 2016, during the Daring Faith Campaign, I had the opportunity to give a message in Pastor’s absence.

The title of the sermon was “Daring to Obey the Voice of God”.

It came from a biblical story in 1 Kings 4:1-7, which tells of a woman who had a major financial dilemma. So she asked a prophet for help. She did not know how she was going to save her family and pay her debts. The prophet asked her a simple question, “What do you have in your house?”. Based upon her answer, he gave her the solution of going to her neighbors, collecting vessels and pouring out the oil that she had into each vessel that was brought before her. This required obedience and daring faith.

Like the woman in the story, I was in a major financial bind, even as I preached a message encouraging everyone to obey the voice of God and make a Daring Faith commitment.

I preached about trusting God.

I preached about looking at our lives from God’s perspective.

I preached about not focusing on the “lack” in our lives.

I preached about believing that the Lord would provide.

I preached about keeping our commitments to God and “pouring” out into the vessels that are placed before us.

I believed wholeheartedly in what I was saying. I just did not know how the Lord was going to provide for me.

The week before giving that message I found out that I was assigned to go to India as part of my doctoral research on global leadership. I had no idea at the time how I was going to pay for this trip, which was going to cost thousands of dollars that I did not have, nor did I see coming. For an entire week I fasted and prayed, thinking perhaps that the Lord would show me a smaller amount to commit to the Daring Faith campaign. This reprieve did not come.

So on Commitment Sunday, with a strange sense of peace in my heart, I prayerfully wrote out my Daring Faith commitment card and submitted my offering envelope with the amount of money that the Lord had placed on my heart.  I figured that I should at least try to do what I had preached to others.

Well, almost 12 days later I was on the phone with one of my school advisors reviewing my candidacy paperwork and presentation. As we were about to hang up he asked me about the trip to India and about how I planned to pay for it. With a long and humble sigh, I told him that I did not know.

After a few more questions, he reminded me that he was the one who invited me into the global leadership program AND by the end of the call he assured me that my ENTIRE trip would be covered.

A week later I was notified that I had received a $1000 scholarship from my school to cover trip expenses and the rest would be supplemented by the missional organization with whom our research will be based.

The only thing that I will need to cover is my food and incidentals.

In a short amount of time God reminded me that when we exhibit Daring Faith, He is always faithful to provide.

Now every time I tearfully listen to the song, “God Provides” by Tamela Mann, I truly have a new and fresh appreciation for these words:

God provides. So why do I worry about my life

When you come to my rescue a thousand times?

Every other voice it is a lie. God provides.

God provides, in ways I can't explain and can't deny.

The little that I have He multiplies.

Just when I feel He won't show up on time God provides.

He'll come through when the clouds of doubt rain down on you

And test everything you thought you knew.

Now you finally see what God can do, for you.

So tonight, close your eyes.

There's no more need to fight.

Watch God provide.

I am a living witness that Daring Faith is not a ploy, a trick or a gimmick. It’s more than a campaign. It’s a way of living, thinking and engaging in the world in which we live.

Therefore, as you read this message I encourage and challenge you to trust God and try Daring Faith.

- TaNikka Sheppard

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:19

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