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Human Trafficking Stories of Hope

Setting the Captives Free

The Women of Power (WOP) Human-trafficking team works with the Linden Police and the “Out of the Closet” organization to courageously combat the exploitation and sex-trafficking of persons in the Linden area.

Min. Brenda Troy leads this group, which hopes to end the supply and demand of human-trafficking in the 43224 zip code, where New Salem is located.

They minister to both the women and the “Johns”, offering them rehab assistance. They also offer safe havens and alternative opportunities for those who want to get out of this lifestyle.

WOP team members view this ministry as a blessing and a powerful testament of God’s grace.  Since the launch of New Salem’s Daring Faith Campaign the team has ministered to over 150 women by showing them love and offering them the gift of hope.  At the end of every prayer with human-trafficking victims, they remind the women, “We know that this is your journey, but this does not have to be your destination.”

Although their fight may seem like a daunting and never-ending struggle, each soul that is touched renews the team’s daring faith and collective belief that the evil of human-trafficking can and will be exorcised from this city.


Please support Daring Faith Campaign, so that we can help to set more captives free! 

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