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These are a few of the Prayers of Increase, that we are lifting up so that the Lord may increase our domestic and foreign missions by 50%.

  • My prayer is for the invisible. My request is that your heart and compassion is revealed through ministry. We pray for boldness, increase in willingness, compassion, selflessness, love, diligence, perseverance. We ask that you continue to plant seeds of genius in this church. And may the congregation continue to water them throughout our community! Lord, be our strength!
  • Dear Father God, thank you for the days that we receive. Bless me and my family to all go to Heaven.
  • Increase our generosity showing up. Increase compassion by listening. Incease resources by giving. Increase selflessness by having no judgement and being there for others.
  • Lord teach us to be generous. Teach us to serve you as you deserve to give and not to count the fight and to not heed the wounds...
  • Father God thank you for blessing me and giving me the ability to make smart decisions and smart choices in my life. I'm asking that you increase in every way. Financially...Mentally...Emotionally...Increase me in every positive way. Father God I'm also asking for coverage over my family, especially my sister. You understand and know her struggles. No matter what demons attack her mind, I know you are there to protect her struggles. No matter demons attack her mind. I ask that you camp YOUR angels around her. Your love is always and forever lasting.
  • "We pray for better days."
  • "God we thank you that increase is on the way and the best is yet to come" Amen!"
  • "Increase!"

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