22 Years & Counting

22 Years and Counting

22 Years & Counting...

I was born into a family of believers in Cleveland, Ohio. I have always had the privilege of hearing the teachings of Christ and being raised by God-fearing adults.

Yet, as a child I struggled because my mother was saved, but my father was not. He had many issues that led him in a direction that seemed too difficult to endure on his own.

It was like living in a house of good and evil.

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Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open - Landon Adams

Eyes Wide Open

It is said that we should not judge a book by its cover.  After all, 1 Samuel 16:7 states, “people look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

Yet, I struggle at times because the "outward appearance" is important to me. When I think of the imagery in the New Testament of us as a collective group of believers, being many members forming one body, I often think – "well, I must be an eye".  

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This Revival Wasn't For Me

This Revival Wasn't For Me - Derrick Tillman-Kelly

This Revival Wasn't For Me

The closing prayer concluded and I silently said to myself, "This revival wasn't for me." In fact, I was certain. We had an anointed preacher, a teacher of God's word. The congregation experienced joy, healing, and laughter in Christ. The choir sang and sang and sang! The worship arts ministered mightily through dance and mime!

All in all, the revival had been a success. There was new life within the body of church; New Salem, we might say, was very well revived!

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Never Give Up!

Leadership Insight - Never Give Up!

“Never Give Up”

There is something hardwired in me that will not let me quit, no matter what the situation may bring – good, bad or indifferent.

One of the defining moments in my life occurred about seven years ago and I was compelled to take my own advice to never give up.

I ate something at a local restaurant that caused me to have severe food poisoning.  Within 24-hours my life changed. Because of the food poisoning, I was hospitalized for two weeks and bedridden for three months.

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Hope Beyond Your A.D.

Leadership Insight - Hope Beyond Your A.D.

Hope Beyond Your A.D.

It was a beautiful day, but there were dark clouds stirring inside as I opened the envelope from the attorney’s office.  I couldn’t get past the opening line – Final Divorce Decree. I literally couldn’t read past those words. 

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Just 1 Thought

Leadership Insight - Just One Thought

Just One Thought

One morning, I woke up and immediately started thinking about how my life was not where I wanted it to be and I thought of all of the challenges that had caused me to be in this “state of nowhere”. 

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Overcoming the Fears that Ruin Relationships

Overcoming the Fears that Ruin Relationships

When reading the story of Adam and Eve that is told in Genesis 3, we see that there are three fears that ruin relationships of all types.

The three types of fear that often affect our relationships with God and other people are:

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The Seasons of Life

Leadership Insight - The Season of Life

"The Seasons of Life"

I am the mother of two wonderful children. When my son and daughter were younger I was “that mom” – the helicopter Mom. I was at every event, every game, and every Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting. I was “that Mom” who volunteered for everything, not just because I wanted to, but because my kids needed me.  

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My Letter to "Someone Else"

Leadership Insight - My Letter to "Someone Else"

My Letter to “Someone Else”

I should never have allowed myself to grow accustomed to the notion that this person exists AND that this “someone else” has been willing to step in and do many of the things that I have been reluctant to do.

Now that things have gotten so far out of control, I am finally stepping up and putting this person on notice through this letter, which shares my heartfelt confession and conviction:


Dear “Someone Else”,

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Behind Every Great Leader

Behind Every Great Leader by John Boxill

Behind Every Great Leader…

Our society puts a lot of emphasis on great leadership. Malcolm, Martin, Gandhi… famous leaders are often known by just one name. Unfortunately, we do not pay that same level of attention to those that help great leaders be great leaders – great followers.

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