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Stories of Hope - Weekend Food Program

Meals That Make a Difference

Thank you New Salem for providing over 44,945 meals to students at East Linden Elementary School since the launch of the program on November 6, 2016! 


The administrators and teachers are seeing a difference:

The food program is so helpful to my students. I knew of a few families that did not have food at home. I was always worried if my kiddos ate before I saw them the next morning. I'm sure there were many other students that really needed the help that I didn't even know about. I am so thankful for any help given to my students. The food program is definitely appreciated at East Linden.

- J. Schoolcraft.

This testimony is how New Salem Church has blessed our students, families, and staff here at East Linden Elementary School. The blessing of the "Food Bags" has really helped our families have additional resources of support for their families. Every child in this building was greeted by the outstanding New Salem team. Students were able to connect and build meaningful relationships with the team throughout the 2016-2017 academic school year. The East Linden students, families and staff would like to say "Thank You" for believing in the power of giving, blessing and community outreach. I must say, GOD sent a powerful team within New Salem Church to do his ministry work. Again, you have touched my heart and the hearts of this school and community through your ministry.

With many blessing and thanks, East Linden Students, Families, and Staff

- T. Patterson

For one of our families, the food program is a big blessing. I have worked with this family for many years. I have had two aunts and presently am serving their niece. Their household consists of grandma, grandpa, mom, the two aunts, one uncle, the child I have presently, and her brother. In this household, only the grandpa works with grandma staying home and taking care of her own three as well as her oldest daughter's two children while she went to school. Even though they have been in the United States for many years (13+, by my estimates), the English language skills of the grandparents are very minimal, and their oldest daughter has served as their interpreter for many years. Those children took home three bags a week last year and were very thankful to receive the food bags. You could tell that it may be the only food that they may have for the weekend, but it also may have been the only things that the whole family had. Although other assistance is available and utilized, food, safe shelter, and clothing are the things that matter most.

- P. Palanca

Pastor Dr. Keith Troy, and the New Salem Missionary Baptist Church family, your vision has been realized and it is having a profound impact on the East Linden Elementary School.  Thank you so much for being a blessing to our East Linden ES school community.  We continue to be humbled and grateful for those that are giving and sharing their gifts with us.  It has been a sincere and extreme pleasure to see the smiling and shining faces of our children when the food bags are delivered weekly.  This missions effort has had a tremendous affect on the East Linden school community by stomping out food hunger and bringing awareness to families that are not as fortunate on the weekends.  This program has shown a significant improvement to school attendance schoolwide.  It continues to make children and families, a number one priority in service for all mankind.  Thank you so much for your kindness and thoughtfulness New Salem Missionary Baptist Church! 

- Cheryl M. Jones, Principal


Please help us continue to provide bags of hope, that are full of supplemental meals, to children in need each week, through our Weekend Food Program.

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